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My Quickshort interview with Sir Tony Hoare, the inventor of Quicksort

If you studied Computer Science, at some point, usually in the beginning of your algorithm courses, you learn about sorting algorithms, the most famous one being Quicksort. Studies show that the most frequent reactions to those who learn about Quicksort for the very first time are: 1) Wow!!! How could anyone possibly come up with that idea? 2) Hmm, explain it to me one more time please? 3) #1 followed by #2, or #2 follower by #1 Not surprisingly I was right there in the #3 category. To learn about Quicksort just Bing it , but this blog post isn't about Quicksort necessarily, but rather about the person who invented it, Sir Tony Hoare . The winner of the Turing Award prize in 1980, Sir Tony Hoare currently works at Microsoft, just like me, and he was kind enough to give me the honor to interview him for my coding blog. Without any further due, here it is - I hope you Quick-enjoy it too! :) [Boris Vasilenko] First, thank you Tony for the incredible opportunity to ask you f