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Simple Image Fuzziness Techniques

At Bing we do something super cool to protect our users: whenever we detect that an image or video may contain adult content, and if the user's search safety setting is set to "Moderate" , we do a nice fuzzy of the image to prevent potential adult leakage, such as in this example: You won't find this feature on Google . As a matter of fact we at Bing love playing with images, even trying to guess your age based on your own picture ! We use very sophisticated, state-of-the-art techniques of image processing to come up with the ideal masks, filters and algorithms in order to properly perform the fuzzing task at massive scale . Suppose that you were to write a very-very simple code to perform any kind of fuzzing on a given image - how would you do that? In this post I discuss three very simple techniques to perform such a fuzzing (none of them are what we actually use here in Bing! the ones below is just for fun coding!). I've named the techniques as follows: