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Attacking a hard problem

  Recently I decided to resume my activities on Project Euler at night (no, I don't play xbox at night, although I do watch Netflix & Amazon Streaming!). Since I got to 192 problems solved on Project Euler, I decided to take a break since the problems were getting excruciatingly complicated (I mean, having to go deep into Diophantine Equations , Pell's Equation , all possible Fermat Theorems was just too much). I then switched to HackerRank  which is a little more academic and less brutal than Project Euler. But after solving 166 problems on HackerRank, again it got painful. So I decided to give it another try to Project Euler, and have solved 5 more problems in the past week (I now have 197 problems solved. Goal is 200).   My username on both is Relentless . With all that meaning and stuff.   Project Euler problems, especially the ones after #146, are in general hard problems (module a dozen or so easy ones). I wanted to tell in this post how I tackle them.   The p