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Fatherhood and Encryption

If you're a parent, you know quite well: it is just a matter of time until it happens. One day you'll get home to find an encrypted note written by your seven-year old daughter (or son, but mainly daughters). Fathers throughout history struggled to decipher encrypted notes written by their beloved daughters. The famous Pierre de Fermat  once said:   "I'm a father struggling to decipher encrypted notes written by my beloved daughter"                Fermat Indeed, very touchy words. Unfortunately for Fermat during those years there were no computers abroad for him to just chill, grab a glass of wine and crack up some code to decrypt his daughters' notes. Times have changed. Few days back while on vacation, I came back to the apartment to find the following encrypted note written by my daughter:   It blew me away. Fortunately, there was still wine, it was late and everyone was sleeping, and the laptop was around. From the get-go I did not believ